Overview of Individual Financial Planning / Wealth Management

Financial planning, comprehensive planning, holistic planning, wealth management… the list of names advisors use to make their planning sound like it encompasses everything  you need is long.  Unfortunately, most planners’ actual amount of work is much like a bag of potato chips — only half filled. 

Why do we say this?  First, taxes are one of the most important elements of financial planning. We save clients more money in taxes than any other area of financial planning.  More money in our clients’ pockets equates to more money to save for retirement. 


Second, we actually look at all  aspects of your finances:


  • Tax Planning
  • Career Planning (including negotiating raises, reviews, promotions, employee benefit review)
  • Portfolio Analysis (all company stock options, stocks, bonds and mutual funds)
  • Retirement and Financial Independence Planning
  • Education Planning (what is the best way to save? Are there ways to set your child up for the best opportunity to receive state and federal education funds?)
  • Insurance (home, auto, life, disability, etc)
  • Goal Setting
  • Debt Management
  • And the list goes on…

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