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We work with people who want the most out of life.  While that might sound cliché, it really isn’t.  Take look back over the areas that we work on with our clients.  You will see that we  strive to pull out every possible savings AND increase the amount of money our clients earn per hour of work.  Even for retired clients, we are constantly looking for new strategies to help them keep more of their money. So, when we say we work with clients who want the most out of life, it really means that our clients understand and want to put this into balance.  

Do we work with contractors? Yes. Those in the medical profession? Yes.  Teachers?  Police Officers?  Nurses? Yes, yes and yes.  It is not the occupation, so much as the goal –which is always to enjoy work, enjoy family life, and to maximize earnings,   giving as little as legally possible to Uncle Sam .

Let’s face it.  We live in a world surrounded by “the grass is greener” situations on a regular basis (you know, the neighbor who drives a BMW or just got a new boat).  It seems that life can get tougher as we move from getting married, to having kids, to watching our kids go off to school.  And of course, retiring is a very big life change.  We don’t see our job as helping clients amass money for the sake of amassing money.  Our clients work with us because we keep the role money plays in perspective.  That is, money is a trade-off for our most valuable asset — time.

One of our most important jobs is to help clients set goals that keep them motivated, and allow them to enjoy what they are doing in the here and now.  While you might dream of the Ferrari, your values might be more in line with coaching your kid’s soccer team.  This could mean less time at work, or giving up a promotion.  Or, if could mean re-tooling the resume and setting goals for a better paying job/career.

It is because our focus is not on money, but on what those dollars represent, that our clients stay with us. It’s our ability to look beyond the portfolio size and really work to understand what  financial independence means to each and every one of our clients   After all, it isn’t so much about the money that we are left with, as the life we lead and the journey we take.

It is our goal to help our clients live a full, satisfying and balanced life.  

How are you doing now?  Do you feel like you have a good life/work balance?  Are you enjoying retirement?  Do you feel financially secure?  Give us a call or schedule a one-hour introductory meeting to talk through any of these topics that are intriguing to you.

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