Wealth Management

After the Financial Review, clients may continue our services on an annual retainer.  Continuing with an annual retainer is a perfect option for those who want to go through a comprehensive review of their financial picture and fine-tune their goals.  Our fee for the first year is presented in the Financial Review and covers the cost of services for a full year.  The cost of your initial Financial Review will be credited toward the cost of your Wealth Management annual retainer.  Beginning the second year, clients have a few options for continuing with Lynch Financial Advisors, depending on the level of service with which they wish to continue: yearly financial reviews, financial planning retainer, or wealth management retainer. Click here to schedule a meeting to see how we can get you to financial independence — or help keep you there.  

We help over 90% of our first year clients save enough money in reduced insurance, fees and taxes to cover our fee.  In short, our clients typically save more money than they pay us!


What is involved in the first year of Wealth Management?

The first year of Wealth Management includes a complete diagnosis of your current and future financial situation.  We work to find areas where money doesn’t need to be spent.  We identify possible liabilities and establish short and long term goals based on your values, your wants and your needs.  It is our goal to help clients build a lifestyle that is balanced between enjoying today with saving for tomorrow.


What is your retention rate after the first year?

The majority of our clients (95%+) stay with us the second year and beyond.  This is largely based on the relationship that we establish, and because our clients see that we always put their best interests first.

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