Intro Meeting

The Introductory Meeting is a one-hour complimentary meeting that is an opportunity for us to get to know each other.  In the first meeting we will present the framework of our Financial Review and our definition of comprehensive financial planning. It is our belief that this is the best way any prospective client can see how we can help them achieve or remain in financial independence.  The reality is that all financial advisors are NOT alike. 

Financial planning is more than how much money someone claims they will generate for you in the market.  What really matters to our clients is looking far in advance, seeing tax savings years in the future, and being able to construct detailed models that solve complex financial problems. 

True planning balances the behavioral aspect of managing finances with mathematics to solve a client’s dilemma.  Clients are amazed when we build a special Excel spreadsheet to answer questions in a different way than something they read.  They are also amazed when we depart from the “math” when it will cause an undue family strain.


Why do you say that you are different?

The running joke is that our founder builds an Excel spreadsheet every day of the week.  While Mike truly enjoys working with people to help them figure out what the “one thing” they need help with, he is equally passionate about “doing the math”, as he calls it, to actually answer the question.  In short, we don’t believe in following the sheep in front of us, instead we would rather blaze a new trail that leads our clients to financial independence sooner.


Will I be bored in our first meeting?

We hope not!  A typical meeting with us has a lot of laughter, mixed with serious in-depth conversations.  It is this balance of asking tough questions, but keeping a light air throughout the meeting that allows clients to feel at ease with us.  Meetings are anything but pretentious or stuffy.

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