Case Study: Goal Setting

Consultant Takes 6-Month Sabbatical to Travel Europe. 

Client Profile: Ms. Jones

  • Single Woman
  • No Children
  • Professional Consulting Career


Ms. Jones came to Lynch Financial Advisors wanting more out of her life.  She wanted to travel, move into a career that she enjoyed more, get married and buy her first home. The first step was to get a clear understanding of what the client was looking for.  What did she mean by travel, and what was she looking for out of work?

As we started out with goal setting, it became clear that the client had to make some tough choices.  She wanted to travel through Europe and buy a new house, but the career that she wanted to get into wasn’t going to give her the money to buy the house and go to Europe.

Ms. Jones spent a lot of time mulling over what was most important to her.  A top priority to her was to have a more flexible job.  She decided to transfer from her corporate job to a consulting job where she would be staffed on projects for specific periods of time (most projects less than one year).  This gave her the ability to take time off in between projects if she so chose.

Next came saving.  We worked with the client regularly to make sure that she was saving every dime she could.  Her heart was set on traveling through Europe and one of her passions she recently acquired was photography.  We looked at the different ways that she could work in Europe, so that she could travel.  But nothing opened up, so she continued to save.  After a couple years of aggressive savings she had saved enough to both travel for 6 months through Europe and to purchase a townhouse shortly after returning from the trip.

Her trip was well planned and included some great sightseeing adventures and activities.  She took an intensive learning course in Spanish while in Spain, and a two week photography class in Italy.  

Today, the client is engaged and living in Spain.


This case study describes actual client success stories and does not infer specific or guaranteed returns/results.

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