Case Study: Family Time

Taking Time for Family.


Client Profile: The Petersons

  • Married Couple
  • 2 Children
  • Husband is a Police Officer
  • Wife is a High Level Sales Person


The Petersons came to us wanting diversification within their portfolio.  But, as we began our discussions, we found that, like other couples, they had their own unique situation.  Mrs. Peterson was working for another salesperson and was looking to go out on her own.  Additionally, the couple wanted to start a family and had a long-term goal for the wife’s parents to live with them. 

It wasn’t long into the client engagement when Mrs. Peterson received her first offer to go out on her own.  We worked through some light negotiations and talked about what this would mean for them.  Then she was off to the races as a salesperson.

Making this adjustment wasn’t easy.  For the first year it was very hard for Mrs. Peterson to take any time off.  She valued family, but didn’t want to hurt her work situation.  We worked with Mrs. Peterson on how to build a team around her.  For example, the type of person she should hire and what that person would do to allow her to increase sales.  Most importantly, she needed to hire someone that would give her the opportunity to leave, without worrying about the new hire taking clients away from her.

The second year into the engagement, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson took a week off to spend with family and friends at the lake.  While Mrs. Peterson still checked in every so often, it was a first step to balancing her life.  

To help Mr. and Mrs. Peterson with their goals, we set them up on QuickBooks so they could track Mr. Peterson’s jobs expenses and so they could get a good handle on what they were spending.  Knowing what they are spending has allowed the client to purchase a new home with a “granny” unit for Mrs. Peterson’s parents to live in.

Today, after two more job changes, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are taking more time off than they ever have.  Mrs. Peterson is still working through separating work and personal time, but life isn’t about getting things perfect — rather it’s about continually moving in the right direction.  And, Mrs. Peterson has grown so much in her ability to leave work at work.


This case study describes actual client success stories and does not infer specific or guaranteed returns/results.

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