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Our clients own businesses across a number of industries including construction, healthcare, technology, real estate and natural resources to name a few.   What is most interesting is that we have been part owners in businesses in each of these industries.  And as any business owner knows, being an owner gives a much richer perspective than someone who has never gotten their hands dirty in the risky world of starting a new business.

Whether you just purchased a new Porsche as a present to yourself for building your company, or if you are still driving your old Dodge Neon and trying to make ends meet, you will fit in well with our clients. While each one is at a different stage in their business, they have one thing in common: They realize that there is more to life than their car and their business.  Some have young kids playing soccer and love having a business that gives them the flexibility to coach their kid’s team, while others have just shipped their last kid off to college and are looking forward to traveling or finishing the final leg of their business.  Still, others are stuck in the rut of being the man who wears all the hats, and have partnered with us to help create a better business and a better life.

Our focus is never on the Porsche.  It is on whether it becomes an object of enjoyment or is the symptom of a problem that goes deeper than money.  Is it strictly ego, or is it the icing on the cake for a difficult job well done?  The difference is seen in your lifestyle.   For instance, have you left all of your family and friends by the wayside in an attempt to build your business? It is very easy for many entrepreneurs to put their head down and focus solely on building their business.  It is easy to justify it: “My wife wouldn’t be driving such a nice car;”  “My kids wouldn’t be going to that great school;” or even “My employees need a job.”  The list of reasons goes on and on, however, in this case the “ends don’t justify the means.”  Doing what it takes at the cost of everything that is important to you is not appropriate for any business or any amount of money.

Here are some good questions to ponder if you haven’t already:

How well are you keeping life in perspective?

Do you have a positive view of the future?

What are the goals that will put the largest smile on your face?

How do you define success?

Answering these questions thoughtfully and honestly will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.


We find that the business owners we work with are in one or more of these phases within their business.

  1. Starting a business
  2. Increasing profits within their business
  3. Planning their exit strategy


Click here to learn more about how we work with clients in each phase of their business.

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