Phone Meeting

It’s tough to convey who we are and exactly how we can help you over the phone, but what we can do is give you the assurance that spending an hour or two meeting with us is not a waste of your time.   While we have worked with many clients on what they felt was a “short term” need, almost all of our business clients find that having a “go to” firm is invaluable and the ways we help them are endless.  If you are reading through this, then likely there is something in your business that needs attention.  Spend the time now talking with us, and it will yield dividends for you in the future.

What happens in a phone call?

We spend up to 15 minutes discussing your main issue at hand.  While we don’t give any advice in the phone meeting, we can give you a general understanding of how we work with clients and the type of guidance we provide.

Will I be pressured by some sales guy that doesn’t know anything to set up 
a meeting?

No, phone meetings are always scheduled with Mike, the founder and principal of the firm.  Over many years in business he has found that those clients that were “sold” were never happy clients.  The phone call is a two way conversation that gives both of us an opportunity to see if working together is the right fit.

Does it cost anything?


Are you ready to get started?  All it takes is one meeting to find out if we can help you.
Schedule a meeting today.  We guarantee it will be beneficial to you.

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