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After the Business Review, clients may continue with our services on an annual retainer.  The Full Service option is perfect for those who want to go through a comprehensive review of their financial picture and to continue to fine-tune their business goals.  Our fee for the first year is presented in the Business Review and covers the cost of services for a full year.  This is an “open retainer,” meaning a client can call us at no charge.  This means you won’t receive a $75.00 invoice for faxes, or be charged $50 for a 15-minute phone call. If you have used an hourly professional, you know what we are talking about.  While that model works well for CPAs and attorneys because it makes business owners think before they call them, we want our clients to call us for anything.  We may not always have the answer, but we always know where to get it.

If you become a Full Service client, the cost of your initial Business Review will be credited toward the cost of your Full Service annual retainer.  Beginning the second year, clients have a few options for continuing with Lynch Financial Advisors, depending on the level of service with which they wish to continue.

Two areas that we focus on in business consulting are Profit Margin and Take Home Money.  Many business owners haven’t ever calculated their profit margin or if they have – it’s often calculated incorrectly.  Understanding the profit margin in your business is the key element to making your business more profitable.  .

The profit margin in a business directly affects the business owner’s take-home money.  Why is this important?  We enjoy life in the present and the future which means that we have to help our clients in two ways:

  1. We help them create a business that (a) allows them the time to enjoy life outside of work during their working years, and (b) that has value and can be sold or generate income for them during retirement.
  2. We help them put as much after-tax money into their pockets as possible now and save the appropriate amount of money for the future.

We help over 90% of our first year clients save enough money in reduced insurance, fees, taxes and new revenue producing ideas to pay for our fee.  In short, our clients regularly save more money than they pay us! Read client testimonials attesting to this concept.

Schedule a meeting today and get started on a long lasting relationship with us as a Full Service client.

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