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A business owner often feels like a pioneer would have in the 1800’s…setting out for a new unchartered destination and conquering what others only dream of.  Juggling the multiple roles within a company can be demanding and difficult for business owners.  Dealing with the administrative, financial and human resource issues competes with an owner’s ability to do what they do best, whether that is selling, managing, bringing products to market or providing a specific service.  Add to that the need to effectively market and price a product or service – and the many roles a small business owner must take on can hamper his or her ability to grow the business. 

What are you looking for?  What brought you to this website? Are you buying a business or looking to sell one?  Do you want more time with your family?  Do you want to build a business and not a job? Are you looking to change from being an employee in someone else’s company to the business owner with the opportunity to make money for both your time AND from the risk you are taking as an entrepreneur? 

Any business worth building should be able to produce two times the salary you could earn in the marketplace.  Of course every business will take some time to get to two times but if after 5-7 years you aren’t there, it might be time to talk to an expert to see if you have a business or a job.  Often some fine tuning will get a business owner there.  Put a different way; if you were to get hired by The Next Great Web App Company for $150,000, then your company should be able to pay you $150,000, plus a minimum of an additional $150,000 in profits.  If there is no hope that this can happen, then you likely have a job, not a business. 

This is a tough thing to say to business owners – especially ones who put their hearts and souls – and sometimes their life savings – into their companies.  However, being honest is not something that should be just talked about. It is paramount in a good business/consultant relationship.  How are you going to grow if we only tell you what you want to hear?

Do you find yourself asking the following questions: How can we maximize the value of our business? How do we sell and keep the tax man from sharing in all of our hard work?  How do we retain good employees?  Can a consulting firm help make our business more profitable?  Can they help determine new avenues of selling our product/service?  Will they bring a new “light” and perspective that can help us move our business further down the road?  The questions are endless, and that is why our business clients have continued working with us year after year.  No matter what stage you are in, from starting a new company to working on your exit strategy, we bring you the valuable information that few people can.  We provide both an insight as a business owner and depth of knowledge to produce profitable change.

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