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After the first one-hour meeting, prospective clients overwhelmingly see the need to go through a “mini business review” with us. At times, prospective clients want to cut through the first phase and go right to a business review. Either way, they want answers for their questions and they believe in paying for the advice of an expert. The Business Review is a two hour appointment with Lynch Financial Advisors covering up to three topics as time permits. We typically spend one-to-two hours preparing for these meetings, asking the necessary questions and requesting pertinent documents prior to our meeting. Topics are selected based on your most pressing needs. Examples of topics include taxes, business formation, financials, business strategy, employment, business and life, thinking “outside of the box,” marketing and sales. View the sample list of topics.

Over the years, we’ve started a number of businesses in a broad range of industries that are still in place and profitable today.  This has given us a depth of understanding that many consultants lack – the owner’s perspective.  We understand the pain an owner goes through in building a business and the tough decisions and issues that arefaced on a daily basis.  Schedule a meeting today and let us share our business expertise with you in order to help you create the business of your dreams.

The Business Review is $950 (and can be taken as a legal tax deduction).


Do you use your business consulting to later sell product?

No, we are a “Fee-Only” firm.  This means that whether we are giving business advice or personal finance advice, we are NEVER compensated by anyone but our clients.  This is contrary to many consultants that are really just trying to sell you their “solution.”


Typically business consultants charge a lot of money and we don’t see real results. How are you different?

Most small business consultants only focus on the immediate problem.  The majority of CPAs are similar.  They consult from the perspective that they have, e.g. CPA looks at taxes, or a sales consultant looks only at sales.  The truth is, no one piece of a business is exclusive.  It interacts with every other piece of the business.   A consultant who can take a global view of a business and understand how each piece fits together, has the best opportunity to help his client maximize the value of his or her company.  Take a minute to schedule a meeting with us, and you will see how we are redefining what business consulting is all about.

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