Giving Back

Having been involved in a number of different non-profit organizations, our founder has seen the benefit in being involved in a cause.  Whether it is for cancer research or to help local homeless people, there is a lot to be said about giving not only time, but money, to a cause. 

To promote this idea, Lynch Financial Advisors, has started a Match Our Funds program.  The program works like this. 

  1. Client chooses a charity/non-profit and has it approved through the firm.  Approval is based on how well the charity helps people.
  2. Client volunteers a minimum of 40 hours with the charity (in addition to the hours you donate time to your church)
  3. Client donates money to the charity
  4. Lynch Financial Advisors matches up to $250 of the client’s money (depending upon funds set at the beginning of the year)

The goal is to get our clients more involved in their local community.

A good place to start the process of giving back is to visit the Charity Navigator. Find a cause that you are passionate about and start making a difference today!

Charity navigator

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