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Phone Meeting

The Phone Meeting gives prospective clients an opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of who we are and how we work.  We’ll explain the difference between hiring us for a Financial Review vs. retainer options (Financial Planning or Wealth Management).  And, we’ll describe what our Fee-Only comprehensive financial planning includes.


What can I expect to get in a phone meeting? 

Let’s face it, 15 minutes to talk to you about how we are different and how we can actually help you isn’t much time.  But it does help in breaking the ice.  Our strength is in face-to-face meetings where we can have a more in depth conversation with you.  We can show you charts, graphs,  and actual examples of how we solve problems… but most important, we can build a level of trust with each other so you feel confident that we really are going to work for your best interests and provide practical solutions that positively impact your life/financial independence.


It sounds like you don’t really like doing phone meetings?

While we can only discuss so much in a 15-minute phone conversation, we think it’s a good way for both of us to gauge if we’ve got a good fit.  Without the initial phone conversation, some of our most satisfied clients would have never have sat down to talk with us.  However, the statistics speak for themselves.  One in every 10 phone calls results in someone coming into talk with us, whereas nine out of every 10 free one-hour consultations result in a moving forward with a Financial Review or Full Retainer.  When you make a decision on something as important as selecting a financial advisor, we encourage you to base the decision on more than just a phone call.

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