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Our Culture

Top 3 Reasons to Work with Lynch Financial Advisors

Our Clients
We work with awesome clients – people who want to make change in their lives and – in general – are very successful at doing so.  Finances can be very stressful, cause waves in relationships, and be just plain scary.  We do our best to have a lot of fun in our meetings and make “dealing” with finances a positive experience.


Our Culture

Our Work
We work with clients in all types of industries, various career levels, single, married, widowed, young – and not so young.  Every set of clients has different income levels, goals and challenges. Every day is a different day and each client has a unique story.  That’s what makes our job fun!

Our Approach
Our approach to financial planning is not just “the numbers.”  We take a very close look at the behavioral side of finances.  We look at how financial decisions affect “other” matters such as time with children, intimacy with spouse, family/friend relationships, and more.

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