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Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

1. Facing Financial Dysfunction: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money

Product Description
Every year since 1994,Worth magazine has named Bert Whitehead among the “Best 60 Financial Advisors in America.” His unique “behavioral finance” approach goes beyond mere number crunching to help people understand and overcome the complex psychological baggage they bring to their financial decisions. Tested and confirmed by hundreds of Bert’s clients—including celebrities such as Andrew Weil, M.D., who wrote the foreword for the book—this system shows readers how to identify areas of financial dysfunction and offers specific strategies designed to help different personality types achieve financial freedom by working with their own natural inclinations.

About the Author
Bert Whitehead, MBA, JD, has been a fee-only personal financial advisor since 1972. In 1995, he founded Cambridge Advisors, a growing group of advisors who share his belief in unbiased independent financial advice and consumer advocacy. He is often quoted in leading publications. Andrew Weil, MD, is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.



The Ultimate Parenting Map to Money Smart Kids

2. The Ultimate Parenting Map to Money Smart Kids

Product Description
Money is one of those subjects that either gets too much or too little attention when it comes to our kids. What most children need is to create a comfortable relationship with money and have an opportunity to be in control of financial decisions. Besides the children growing into adults who have more financial confidence, good parenting on money decreases the chance that the parents will feel the need to help their children out of financial binds. This book, The Ultimate Parenting Map to Money Smart Kids provides practical steps on how you can give your children the financial education they deserve.

About the Author
Linda Leitz is a Certified Financial Planner™, Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and has been in the financial industry since 1979. She specializes in helping families and individuals with their long term financial goals. Through Pinnacle Financial Concepts, Inc. based in Colorado Springs, Colorado with clients nationwide, she assists her clients with Investments, Retirement Planning, Education Funding, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Goal Setting and Professional Coaching. Linda writes and speaks on family finances.

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