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Financial Review

Do you want to make sure you’re on the right track, or do you have a few questions that you want answered?  Then the Financial Review is perfect for you. The Financial Review is a two-hour appointment with Lynch Financial Advisors covering up to three topics, as time permits.  Topics are determined based on your most pressing needs. Examples of topics include:

The Financial Review is $500 (ask us how to take it as a legal tax deduction).
This meeting is where the rubber meets the road.  We have always saved our clients the $500 they spend on the meeting.  We find it in any number of ways (taxes, insurance, etc.).  It is our goal, though, that you get more than savings out of the meeting.  If you saved nothing, but obtained a new peace of mind and sense of direction, wouldn’t that be worth it?


What do you like about the Financial Review?

It is a great opportunity for a prospective client to get a lot of value out of a short meeting. 


Do we have to become a full time client if we go through the Financial Review?

No, there is NO sales pressure to move on to a full retainer.  About 60-70% of our clients move onto being full retainer clients.  But it is completely up to each person/couple to decide if they want the value and assurance of using a full-time advisor.

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