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Evaluate Your Financial Well-Being

We have provided this Free 'Evaluate Your Financial Well-Being' to help you see how comfortable you are with your financial progress.

If you score less than 50%, you need help.

How comfortable are you with your financial progress?


Not Comfortable--Somewhat comfortable--Very comfortable

Please fill in the number that best describes
your comfort level.






1. with my ability to meet my expenses.

2. with my ability to generate income.

3. with my chosen career or profession

4. with the amount of time and effort I devote to my career.

5. with my current standard of living

6. with my financial net worth

7. with my savings for specific financial and personal goals

8. with the location and size of my home

9. with the enjoyment and comfort level of my home

10. with the amount and interest rate of my mortgage

11. with my level of ongoing savings

12. with the amount of my emergency fund

13. with the amount of positive cash flow

14. with my level of spending and how I spend my money

15. with my level of debt

16.with my FICO credit score

17. with the precautions I take regarding identity theft

18. with the overall quality of my financial decisions

19. with my knowledge of personal finance & investing

20. with my current investment asset allocation

21. with the performance of my investments

22. with my real estate ownership

23. with my income tax strategy

24. with the funding of my children’s education

25. with the funding of my pension, retirement plan, IRA _

26. with how I use my employee benefits

27. with my progress towards retirement

28. with the amounts and types of my insurance

29. with my estate plan

30. with my family communications (children/parents/etc)

31. that my family will be taken care of

32. with my level of charitable giving and volunteer work

33. that I have identified my long term and short term goals

34. that there are things in my life that I am passionate about

35. with my overall health and physical well being

36. with the environment where I live, work, and play

37. with my investment in myself

38. with the balance in my life

39. with the time I take for myself, my family and friends

40. with my community and social network

41. with my overall financial well-being and personal satisfaction

42. with my discipline to do the financial things
      I know need to be done

43. with what I have accomplished so far

44. that I am better off this year compared to last year

45. that financial issues do not strain my relationships

46. with the way I keep my financial records

47. with my technology

48. with my progress toward simplifying my life

49. with how I feel about money

50. with the progress towards my life-time goals

TOTAL (250 maximum)



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